Company Profile
  JG Group consists of the following four entities:
  JG Merchant Sales & Service (ATM),
  SG Bankcard Service, Inc. (POS,DVR,C/C),
  JG Telecommunication, Inc. (Fiber Optic) and
  JG Business Link International, Inc. (Link).

  JG BLI specializes in business networking and linking.
  In partnership with DCSI (Digital Consumer Solution, Inc., JGBLI markets, installs and services
  wireless digital advertising display systems throughout the US,
  and has branch networks in 15 metropolitan areas and service agents in 50 states.

JG BLI distributes wireless digital advertising display systems and provide related services; DCSI develops and produces display systems; designs advertising; and solicits advertisements.

JG BLI is also committed to research and development for the vitalization of BT, IT and Green Energy projects and is providing assistance and consultation to small and medium sized foreign enterprises to make their way into the US market.