"wireless payment in a compact mobile design"

The Optimum M4100 redefines the mobile payment industry by integrating full payment functionality and security into a truly portable, compact design focused on the wireless market.

Its ergonomic form factor makes it user-friendly, so mobile workers will want to use it. The M4100 allows integration with enterprise management systems which enables true workflow automation and transfer of critical transaction information to the customer. The M4100 opens new dimensions of service and new markets by bringing full payment capability to remote Points-of-Service.

  • Intel® XScale® 32-bit processor
  • Revolutionary form factor
  • Large, color active matrix screen with superior visibility in shade and full sunshine
  • Touch screen with signature capture
  • Illuminated keypad, magnetic stripe and chip card slots
  • Optional contactless payment configuration
  • Large memory capacity enables multiple mobile applications
  • Advanced power system for all day use
  • Communications options including GSM/GPRS, WiFi and BlueTooth
  • Triple DES and SSL encryption


"the perfect balance of cost, performance and security"

The Optimum M2100 is an easy-to-use wireless payment device that offers highly secure, ultra-fast transactions, that allows data transmission from anywhere without the constrictions of wiring. This technology enables customers to take control of the transaction process in a number of new markets, including hospitality, transportation and other mobile merchants. The M2100 can process up to 300 transactions on a single charge, meaning merchants can accept wireless payment. Combined with its 32-bit RISC processor, both magnetic stripe and chip card readers and graphical backlit display, the M2100 is a truly unique combination of performance, security, reliability and ease of use, which is the cornerstone of the Optimum family.

  • Wireless device allows mobile payment
  • Supports GSM/GPRS wireless technologies
  • Powerful 32-bit RISC processor for high-speed transactions
  • Easy-to-use interface conforms to international standards
  • PED and EMV Type approved
  • 12MB of memory accommodates multiple applications
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Includes fast Triple DES encryption
  • Graphics-capable, 15 lines per second thermal printer
  • Easy-to-load, jam-free printer
  • Long-life battery handles up to 300 transactions


"the perfect balance of cost, performance and security"

The Optimum T4100 is truly unique for our industry - the first terminal that cost-effectively combines performance, security, reliability, and ease of use. These elements are the cornerstone of our Optimum family.

  • Easily and securely supports applications for both dial and IP/SSL
  • Adaptive and interactive multiple application architecture
  • Powerful Intel® XScale® 32-bit processor delivers fastest transaction times in the industry - dial or IP
  • 24MB of memory to support more value-added applications than any other terminal with room to grow
  • 2Ħħ or 3Ħħ printer handles text and graphics at an industry-leading 18 lines per second
  • Secured by RSA
  • "One touch" capability for daily functions
  • Fastest onestops using standard 56K dial modem or secure IP
  • Fewer keystrokes to deploy than any other terminal via revolutionary user interface
  • Complete IP diagnostic application simplifies support and installation
  • Integrated PIN pad comes standard
  • Multi-merchant feature capable of up to 20 unique IDs in one terminal
  • Industry first counter tip program that prompts for the tip at the PIN pad


"innovative, economical multi-lane payment solution"

Introducing the Optimum L4250, Hypercom's new multi-lane signature capture terminal. Hypercom listened to the multi-lane community and combined PCI-PED and ADA compliance, along with an integrated privacy shield, ergonomic design into a compact footprint. The L4250 utilizes Hypercom's proven Forms Processing Engine application to ensure rapid integration, and unique screen protection system and dual-reader MSR design that assure reliability, in this new Signature Capture product. Experience the difference. Experience the speed. Experience the Optimum L4250.

  • PCI PED secure, high-performance signature capture payment terminal
  • Dual-sided MSR for fool-proof card swipes
  • Recessed 13-key ADA keypad with integrated privacy shield ensures consumer privacy during PIN entry
  • 220x80 16-shade grey scale touchscreen LCD for superior graphics
  • 200MHz Intel® XScale® 32-bit processor provides ultra-fast transactions
  • RS-232, USB and Ethernet communications options for compatibility with all POS systems
  • Optional integrated ISO 14443 reader supports American Express® ExpressPay, MasterCard® PayPass and Visa® contactless cards and fobs
  • Optional integrated EMV approved smart card reader


"the perfect balance of cost, performance and security"

The Optimum L4105 is an innovative, sleek, easy-to-use payment device that offers highly secure, ultra-fast processing and enables you to extend your brand at the point-of-sale. The L4105 features a 32-bit Intel XScale processor, dual-head, bi-directional magnetic stripe reader and flexible communication connectivity to deliver fast data transmissions with existing POS systems. The color screen and customizable bezel allow retailers to introduce specialized marketing campaigns directly to the POS and create an enhanced, unique buying experience for the customer.

  • INTERAC certified
  • Intel® XScale® 32-bit processor
  • Dual head, bi-directional triple track magnetic stripe reader
  • Dynamic 65,536 color 5.7" 1/4 VGA display
  • Integrated contactless payment reader supporting ExpressPayT, PayPassT and Visa contactless programs
  • Advanced screen protection system
  • Signature capture capabilities
  • EMV approved smart card reader
  • Two RS-232 ports, high-speed USB (12Mbps), optional IBM USB, optional 10/100Base-T Ethernet with industry-standard RJ-45 connector
  • Customizable bezel