NURIT 2085

The NURIT 2085 is a reliable and easy-to-use POS that enables fast and secure card payment processing. Ideal for small & medium-sized businesses, the terminal supports credit, debit, smart cards, and EBT. The low cost unit integrates a telephone line modem and a fast, quiet printer. It can be easily fitted with internal PIN Pad, EMV smart card reader, and up to four SAMs, and can be used either as a countertop or wall-mounted POS terminal.

  • The sleek, ergonomic, compact design won't clutter counter space.
  • The simple, menu-driven interface is fully integrated with the keyboard, eliminating the need for complicated keypad overlays and templates.
  • Programmable LCD softkeys and hotkeys provide one-touch access to customizable functions and business-specific applications.
  • Large, 2 line x 16 character backlit display enhances readability.
  • Operates on the expandable and adaptable NURIT platform, certified by processors and financial institutions.
  • A wide variety of customizable transaction reports provides you with a helpful as well as cost saving accounting and business management tool.

NURIT 8100

The NURIT 8100 Desktop Transaction Solution is the next generation in a long line of quality products from Lipman. With a removable and field replaceable printer, the NURIT 8100 is easy to service and maintain. An ATM-like graphical display, an integrated Ethernet port and a high-speed modem, this terminal is not only one of the most user-friendly terminals on the market, it is also one of the fastest.

With the addition of an optional CDMA or GPRS Modem, the NURIT 8100 can be utilized as a desktop wireless terminal as well, offering merchants another connectivity option.

The removable thermal printer provides easy load functionality and 15 lines per second printing capability. With the simple turn of a screw, the NURIT 8100s thermal printer can be easily detached from the main unit. This means that in the unlikely case a repair to the printer is required, the ability to process transactions does not have to be compromised. Less downtime means more transactions. More transactions mean more revenue.

  • ATM like graphical display with three additional hot keys on either side of a large LCD display provides one-touch access to customizable functions and applications.
  • Field replaceable printer means that a service call need not interrupt transaction processing capability.
  • Secure, Internal PINpad meets the highest security standards available today.
  • An integrated Ethernet port offers merchants the latest in communication technology and the ability to integrate into a local area network.

NURIT 8320

As a compact, all-in-one countertop POS, the NURIT 8320 is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Exceptionally secure, reliable and easy-to-handle, this flexible unit includes a secure internal PIN Pad, high speed modem, and quiet fast thermal printer, as well as magnetic card swipe, Smart Card reader, and privacy shield. Retailers with frequent PIN transactions may prefer the convenient option of a terminal plus external PIN Pad.

A multi-application environment supports the use of a range of applications, including EMV credit and debit, loyalty, gift and proprietary cards and enables value-added applications such as prepaid services. Meeting MasterCard and Visa PED requirements, it assures secure transactions as well as secure software onestops, prevents inter-application data access, and is tamper-resistant, tamper-evident and tamper-responsive, preventing fraudulent intrusion and corruption.

Low cost of ownership is assured through complete application and external device compatibility, rapid transaction processing and software onestoping, and economical migration to EMV during transition to chip and PIN.

  • Meets Visa & MasterCard security requirements
  • Internal PIN Pad with DES and triple DES
  • Compact, ergonomically designed
  • Fast, quiet, built-in thermal printer
  • Large backlit graphical display
  • Battery Status monitor