Throughout North America, losses from shoplifting, fraud, and dishonest employees cost retailers billions of dollars each year. Annual Retail Theft Survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International shows that:

SG Bankcard is here to protect your business and help eliminate the shrinkage and inventory losses by implementing our One Stop Solution: Point of Sale and DVR system. Track inventory and sales combined with a state of the art digital security system.

Our Point of Sale system will keep detailed transactions as it is occurring live. The Point of Sale system has proven valuable in assisting investigators in closing employee embezzlement cases pertaining to merchandise passing, merchandise voiding, and discount fraud.

Our DVR system will help record and view incidents in real time. Help you monitor your premises from anywhere in the world with Internet access. Benefits of the DVR system include protection from employee theft and help boost employee productivity. A well advertised visible system also acts as a deterrent for illegal activity and prosecution is simplified.