Advertising > What is this Business?
Our Digital Screen advertising business is combined by the high tech satellites in IT field and advertising as a flower of a business, and is leading the new advertising method. The Digital Screen advertising forms this system that after we put up advertisement from advertisers to a satellite, it sends to the TV monitors which have a special sensor.

It is a high technology product and you can expect the killing three birds with one stone as we install a $3,000 ~ $5,000 amount of 45" Flat TV as free, it upgrades the store interior value, and raises the growth of the sales.

We can install and do the service to almost all types of stores like departments, Retail Store, Restaurant, Fast Food Outlets, Convenience Stores, Malls, Arenas, Drug Store, Grocery Stores, Airports, Hospital, etc.

So, it is a high tech advertising business that satisfy both advertisers and store owner.