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A rapidly changing world economic environment from vast competi-tion and the signing of the free trade agreement impacts the country-'s economic growth.

Small businesses suffer the most competing against large corporate growth. To resolve these issues, it is necessary for small business-es to have high-quality specializations, a discriminating vision toward the world economic trend, and robust product development.

However, an advanced marketing strategy with the right partners is essential to increasing profits and maintaining sales.

JG Business Link International has gained a reputation of reliability between United States and Korean govern-ments through effective connections through many companies for the past 30 years. We concentrate our efforts to develop your business and make it profitable through our network in the fields of Information Technology, Bio Technology, Manufacturing, and business organizations such as: NFIB, Chamber of Commerce of the US and Korea, APEX, Korean American Chamber of Commerce, Korean American Federation of Industries, KAGRO, and many others.

We will be your true partners for what your business needs.
Gunseon Lee
President & CEO