A company needs security, speed, and reliable connections. JG Telecommunications understands and promotes companies to create a secure internet to prevent outside intruders from accessing important information. For large companies, there are options to create an intranet from building to building and even across cities. Having a Fiber Optic LAN will promote efficiency and strong security for transferring and receiving information. The communications are not limited to the company itself, they can connect with clients, partners, and all employees. Connecting with the Internet will open new doors to connect with new clients. With the triple play service, companies will be able to have video conferences and meetings without delays from data transfer

    Benefits for the Business
  • High Speed Internet
  • Large Bandwidth
  • Secure Connections
  • Client-to-Client Connections
  • Superb Connection with Wide area networks
  • Less need for upgrades in the future

    JG Telecommunications will...
  • Analyze and assess your company's current LAN environment (if you have one)
  • Based on our asseses for your fiber network and topology to handle all current and future traffic
  • Install and configure network
  • Support technical, maintenance, and upgrade.


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