On a University or College, faculty members and students are approaching a new era of technological growth. Fiber Optics for faculty members ensures high bandwidth to transfer information quickly and efficiently with the least amount of delay of waiting to download. Students can benefit from fiber optics by being able to watch lectures and videos on-line. Students will get the benefits of high speed internet access, iptv, and voice-over-ip in one package. Faculty members can access storage networks strictly for faculty members. Also, each fiber optic network can be tailored to the preference of the campus.

    Benefits for the Campus
  • Large Bandwidth
  • High Capacity to send and receive information
  • Triple play option for students in dormitories
  • Secure communications with campus office to faculty computers
  • Promotes highest amount of security against internet intruders
  • Create faster wireless networks
  • Create storage access networks
  • Minimize upgrade costs in the future

    JG Telecommunications will...
  • Analyze and assess your campus' current LAN environment (if you have one)
  • Based on our asseses for your fiber network and topology to handle all current and future traffic
  • Install and configure network
  • Support technical, maintenance, and upgrade.


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