Growing number of homebuyers are looking for digital home; consumers are demanding higher and faster bandwidth speed that exceeds what DSL and cable offers. With higher bandwidth speed consumer can enjoy the multiple services like voice over IP, IPTV, high-speed internet, Video on Demand, High Definition TV all through single fiber line. With fiber optic built into each home, homeowner has freedom and power to choose from variety of services and contents. As a result, building a digital community network that enables better communication, better lifestyle, home security, Smart Home, thus adding value to the home.

    Benefits for the Home Builder/Developer
  • Promote economic development & business
  • Increase home value
  • attract new resident
  • Improve service quality, reliability, and variety
  • Provide video, voice, data, and many more new services
  • Help minimize upgrade cost in the future

    JG Telecommunications will...
  • Analyze and assess your community's current LAN environment (if you have one)
  • Based on our asseses for your fiber network and topology to handle all current and future traffic
  • Install and configure network
  • Support technical, maintenance, and upgrade.

One survey of the FTTH market states, "The average homeowner sees FTTH being worth an additional $4,000 - $7,000 per home.


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