Leading technology with the most secure connections created by fiber optics regulates and maintains users and the data being transmitted. JG Telecommunications is able to create intranet LANs of entire clusters of computer terminals and buildings without connection loss from electrical noise and environmental hazards. Only users that are a part of the intranet would be allowed to travel within the LAN. There is minimal risk of outside intruders trying to hack into a completely enclosed network. With fiber optic cables, there are less electronics, thus creating less malfunctions with connections with terminals. The cables send and receive information by light and travel at least 100 times faster. With a dedicated server, there should be a minimal chance of an outside intruder attempting to access files or spreading viruses. Also, with that same dedicated server, users can be regulated easily.

    Benefits for the Government
  • Most Secure Connections
  • High Security Intranets
  • Regulate Users
  • Tailored by the client
  • Transfer Large Amounts of Data
  • Controlled User Network
  • Minimize Upgrade costs in the future

    JG Telecommunications will...
  • Analyze and assess your company's current LAN environment (if you have one)
  • Based on our asseses for your fiber network and topology to handle all current and future traffic
  • Install and configure network
  • Support technical, maintenance, and upgrade.


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