Providing a fiber network to city's agencies, school systems, colleges, and business entities directly improves the economic prosperity and quality of the city. A fiber network offer multiple service to every business and every household can create a digital community. Business can connect globally network oversea offices and agencies. Employees can take an advantage of tele-working from home. As more and more companies allow employees to telecommute or work at home at least 20% of the time with the speed throughput they get at the office. Hospitals can receive e-training and share diagnostic data and images over the network between different locations. Fiber optic infrastructure can also build out a Wi-Fi network for residents, business personal, and tourist. Fiber optic offers wireless networking that is much faster and more secure than other wireless carriers.

    Benefits for the Metropolitan Network
  • Promote economic development & business
  • Increase property value
  • Attract new residents and businesses
  • Improve service quality, reliability, and variety
  • Provide video, voice, data, and many more new services
  • Help minimize upgrade costs in the future

    JG Telecommunications will...
  • Analyze and assess your metropolitan's current LAN environment (if you have one)
  • Based on our asseses for your fiber network and topology to handle all current and future traffic
  • Install and configure network
  • Support technical, maintenance, and upgrade.

One survey of the FTTH market states, "The average homeowner sees FTTH being worth an additional $4,000 - $7,000 per home.


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